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Die besten Binary Options Robots. Unser Ziel ist es, nur Broker und Robots für den Handel mit binären Optionen zu bewerten und zusammenzustellen, die. Binary Options Robot Erfahrungen. Es klingt für viele wie ein Traum: einmal Geld einzahlen, einem Roboter den Handel überlassen und dauerhaft stattliche. ist eine % automatische Trading-Software für binäre Optionen. Der Binäre-Optionen-Bot erzeugt Trading-Signale und führt Trades. BinaryOptionRobot Kritik und Ehrfarungen. Binary Option Robot logo. Während einem Test der BinaryOptionRobot Software, waren wir von der. ist eine % automatische Trading-Software für binäre Optionen. Der Binäre-Optionen-Bot erzeugt Trading-Signale und führt.

Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot Reviews and Automated Trading 1) Novice this is the cheapest account on FX. Masterbot. This account attracts a minimum deposit. IQBot is a fully automated robot for trading on the IQ Option platform. The robot is distributed free of charge and can trade on practical and real accounts. It works. Die besten Binary Options Robots. Unser Ziel ist es, nur Broker und Robots für den Handel mit binären Optionen zu bewerten und zusammenzustellen, die. Gerät man an einen der betrügerischen Broker, bleibt danach nur noch der Weg zum Rechtsanwalt. BinaryOptionRobot Beste in Gerlage finden mit einem ausgeklügelten Algorithmus für den Handel, der eine unbestimmte Menge von Intelligible Lotto Sachsen Mittwoch apologise aus den vergangenen Jahren vergleichen wird, um Marktveränderungen vorherzusagen. In den meisten uns bekannten Angelegenheiten sind Anleger von Anbietern von binären Optionen in die Irre geführt worden. Wir haben einen kostenlosen Account bei BinaryOptionAutoTrading eröffnet und direkt nach dem wir eine Verbindung Merkur Veranstaltungen einem vertrauten Broker hatten, waren wir in der Lage loslegen zu können. Nach jedem Verlust wird der Betrag erhöht, nach einem Gewinn wird der Betrag verringert. Viele Plattformen für binäre Optionen wie Binary Options Robot werben damit, dass die bei ihnen angestellten Trader dank spezieller Kenntnisse überdurchschnittlich hohe Gewinne erreichen können. Soll ich gleich zu einem Anwalt gehen oder Anzeig erstatten? Geld Sparen Tips Girlscene. If you are a human, do not fill in this field.

Banking methods such as card payment, bank wire transfer and e-wallets are all on disposal. Majority of brokers offer a wide range of available cards, from debit to credit Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Diners Club….

It is visible how South African traders have on their disposal a wide selection of deposit methods which they can use to process their Binary Options Robot minimum deposit.

It is important to emphasize that the deposit process is conducted in a way to comply with the highest security and safety payment processing standards.

One of the most popular among the binary options robots is BinaryRobot — a forerunner product based on algorithms that deliver trades with great profit potential.

This software relies entirely on the mathematical analysis to find potentially profitable trades at every moment of every day. Traders no longer have to dwell on educational materials, their own trading experience or their own analysis to conduct the trades, but can simply activate the BinaryRobot.

The algorithms never get tired or nervous, and thanks to their analytical nature, all trades are delivered objectively, without any sentiment.

This advanced and very sophisticated algorithm is unique on the market. Preparing our BinaryRobot Review, we learned that this is a highly customizable auto trading robot.

It is connected to a selected list of brokers to choose from, whose availability varies based on your geolocation.

The binary registration is quick and easy and if you need any assistance, Customer support will give you a helping hand at any time.

OptionRobot is a relatively new auto trading robot on the market. As you can read from our OptionRobot Review, this software allows traders to set their trades at any time.

Previous training, technical analysis, and knowledge are not required to use this software. This auto trading robot works with tablets and mobile phones adapted to Android and iOS systems.

This is very useful because at any time you can monitor your trades and track everything that is happening in the financial market every step you make.

There is a variety of interesting features offered by the OptionRobot software. The OptionRobot Registration is free, quick and easy. This trading robot makes 3 leading OptionRobot Trading Strategies available and the traders also have the opportunity to use 6 Trading Indicators to help them deal with specific market circumstances.

Unfortunately, OptionRobot South Africa Customer support service can be reached via email only at the moment. Deriv and Binary. You can use their best forex EA to obtain higher winnings and better results than trading entirely on your own.

To trade with Forex EA robots you need to use their Metatrader4 or MetaTrader5 platform and not the binary options demo account.

Basically, automated software analyses price movement and gives indications, known as signals, of whether pairs of instruments will move up or down in the market.

They are highly advanced and result-oriented trading robots that are available for worldwide binary options, forex and cryptocurrency traders.

Note: We will be using binary option robots as examples to illustrate how auto trading works. The same applies for forex and cryptocurrency robots.

Binary Robots are automatically set to follow current market trends and see if there are any changes regarding trading assets. These robots use financial graphs and other financial tools and market analysis in order to be as precise as possible when making trades.

Binary options South Africa has many advantages and one of the main reasons for its massive popularity is the fact that there is no human factor, since it is all done automatically by the machine.

The most significant fact with auto trading robots is the fact that they use binary signals when placing trades.

Binary signals are alerts, received from experienced traders with years spent in the binary options industry. When received, these signals are sent to automatic software which then places trades in specific underlying assets.

The importance of binary signals lies in the fact that they all work in real time, so the robot can use them effectively.

This is where auto trading comes into the picture with great possibility to achieve all of the above. Below you can find detailed information about features of the most popular binary robots in the industry.

It is important to note here that all trading entails some risk and no promises of profit can really be made.

Your best bet is with the best automated software out there — which in our opinion is FX-Advisor. They offer YOU the choice of broker and provide world-class automated signals.

Trading has never been easier. With auto trading solutions, the risk level is instantly minimised because the software is more efficient in price movement predictions and following current market trends.

It becomes possible to trade with a variety of underlying assets, from stocks and currencies, to commodities and indices.

Considering just how many trading robots are present on the market a question of how to choose the best binary robot in South Africa is a crucial one.

At the same time, the answer may not be that unanimous and may be subject to some very individual preferences.

Despite that, we give you a short overview of key features we find important when assessing a trading robot to invest with:.

The trading robots are based on the assessment and analysis of the market. With some, the signals are sent by trading experts, while others rely on signals generated by complex algorithms which scan the market and then make calculations.

The choice here is absolutely individual — some traders might decide in favour of technology while others might trust more in the human experts.

Another important tip when it comes to how to choose the best binary robot in South Africa is to look for an established binary options broker.

These two aspects are linked and without the right broker no matter how good the trading robot is — results will not be satisfactory.

This is the leverage that will provide you with more control over trades placement and your trading portfolio.

The customer support is there to provide just that — support, guidance and help and their quality, professionalism and friendly disposition are crucial.

The best trading robot will ensure a customer support service that is reliable and reachable to South African traders. Binary robots are a huge time saver.

For South African traders who want to participate in the financial market but cannot find the time to keep checking the movement of all assets, these automated systems are the perfect solution.

In fact, among several advanced techniques for binary option trading , automated software is considered to be the most convenient and easy to use solution.

The way automated trading robots work is that they connect you to binary options brokers you can use their software through.

Are these brokers really the best choice though? IQ Option had a free robot shortly. Back in — we could say yes. But today the best binary robots have closed down due to the fact that the regulated brokers stopped accepting robots that auto traded for people without giving consent to each trade.

Many binary robots automatically connect you to a single binary broker they are working with and give you no choice in the matter, when in reality you should be able to choose which broker you prefer to use the software with.

Check out our list on the top of the page of the most reliable auto trading software for users in South Africa. They have many instruments available for traders in South Africa, so the choice is ultimately up to you.

Either way, we took the time to research the best auto trading robots out there to stop you from trading with all the binary robot scams out there.

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Trade Now. FX-Advisor review. Top Crypto Broker. Best and the most comprehensive trading software, binary option broker and signal reviews you can find from the web.

We go through, pick and choose the best and the most trustworthy trading sites. Also, read our warnings and scam investigation reviews and avoid getting scammed.

Binary Option Robots are ingenious pieces of software, which monitor the market, looking for potential investment opportunities.

They use complex mathematical procedures to analyse, and then alert you to potential fluctuations in the value of tradable commodities.

With the help of the robot, I have earned significant sums of money, which is a huge help for paying living costs for me and my children.

But when I found the option robot, I realized that I actually might not need to study at all. The robot does the work for me and makes even reasonable good returns on the side.

Otis G. So I want to use a little free time I have with my friends and relatives. But at the same time, I have always been interested in new technology and opportunities to earn money on areas that most people have not discovered yet; so when I found the robot I did not hesitate to try it.

But a few months after using it, I have to admit that I was wrong, as it has become an invaluable help. I recommend fully using the binary option robot for beginners and also for more experienced investors who want to have better results and more free time.

Trading software takes advantages of pre-programmed algorithms to give optimal results to the investor. It uses the very same principle that huge investment banks use in their High-Frequency Trading.

The greatest difference is that highly skilled professionals have not yet found out the whole potential of binary option robot trading, so as an early entry, you have a great opportunity to benefit of this tool before everyone else discovers out how effective it is.

The binary options robot has a number of uses. You can program it to do business according to predetermined parameters or you can program it to do business when you do not have time to do it yourself.

You can even leave all work to it, freeing your schedule to concentrate on what is most important in your life. Making money has never been simpler.

Firstly, you should make yourself a little groundwork, as studying what are the most important things for a successful binary option investor.

After that, you can practically leave everything to carry out for the robot. After you have money in your trading account, please follow these steps:.

The robot is able to make an unlimited number of rapid trades with its calculation power. Those kinds of trades are impossible for human beings to carry out manually.

In the stock markets, short-term trades are almost completely dominated by high frequency trading, which is very similar to what a binary option robot does.

Those who were the first to take advantage of high frequency trading are currently all very rich people because they were the first ones to enter the market.

They allow you to focus on opportunities to make a huge profit, while you let the robot take care of day-to-day trades that will bring you smaller returns!

Even the best brokers will tell you that losses affect them mentally. Everyone loses money sometimes, but the difference between true winners and losers is how they are able tohandle those losses.

When you use the binary option robot, you know that there are no emotional factors in play; it is always at the top of its game.

Amateurs: Who have not invested in binary options in the past, and want to start making good profitable investments. Frustrated investors: Who have attempted binary option investing, but have always failed in the past because of emotional factors.

Interpretation of day trading charts can be difficult even for experienced traders. Now you can fully outsource this complex task to a binary option robot to handle.

Are your trading results being not as per the expected lines? Do you feel trading is only for experts? Or do you believe that binary trading is the hardest thing to learn?

The binary ancillary services have come a long way along with the rise of the binary options trading. One such ancillary service which has taken the binary trading market by storm is the automated software services.

This software is programmed to provide you signals it helps you time the market regarding which assets to buy, when to buy or when to sell.

The growth of signal service provider has also attracted some fly-by-night operators, whose only aim is to run away with your hard earned money.

Hence, we will discuss various parameters of signal services, how they operate, how can you benefit from them, and the most important how to distinguish between the genuine and the scam-artists.

In general, the robots are the machine capable of handling complex actions. In the binary world, the robots are nothing but an algorithm which can be customized to trade for you.

These robots have very intuitive user-interface which makes them easy to use and customize.

These robots are capable of evaluating complex technical parameters to give you the most probable winning trade ideas. Also, they can be customized to assess the data in real-time and trade on behalf of you.

Such software comes with free and pro editions, wherein the pro-edition has several features which are not present in the free edition.

Binary software is not a magic wand, rather it isa set of algorithms which uses various bits of data points to provide you with accurate signals.

Generally, it assesses various well-known technical indicators of a particular asset and then provides.

They are designed to work at a lightning speed so that data can be evaluated in real-time and that the subsequent signals reach the customers as quickly as possible.

It evaluates the price history of an asset which allows them to indicate patterns based on past behaviour.

It is impossible for any trading process to be percent automated. However, the automated software falls within the vicinity of percent automated.

Though it requires you to feed a few parameters like the amount you want to invest per trade among others, once these parameters are fed into the system it takes care of the rest, doing things like identifying the opportunity, placing the order, and executing the trade.

We are delighted to recommend the option robot, from the wide-range of options that are available in the binary market.

This recommendation is not made on gut instinct and there are numerous reasons, why we believe in the binary robot:.

Daily stop-loss parameter — This allows you to set your daily trading limit, which means that you can never invest more than a pre-determined amount in a single day.

Max trades parameter: This parameter allows you to set a maximum number of trades to be executed by the option robot in 24 hours.

The selection available is 1, 3, 5, 10, and all. Both from our own research and the industry buzz, which surrounds the Option Robot, we are delighted to recommend, that our readers use it.

One of the best things about the Option Robot is that it is totally free at the moment! To sign up with them you only have to follow few simple steps to begin using their services:.

The option robot offers several distinct advantages over its peers, which include:. On an average, successful traders winning ratio is 60 percent, meaning they make profits in 6 out of 10 trades.

The success rate of binary option robot averages at over 80percent, meaning it makes 8 winning trade out of The following table will give you an idea about the difference made by binary option robot if the payouts on winning trade are 80 percent.

The data also shows that by using the services of the binary option robot, the successful trader can increase his or profitability by 4.

This is for the successful trader, but if it is a novice trader the winning ratio and the return on investment goes to a different level altogether, as the services can be used by novice as well as a seasoned investor.

So, it is clear that the services of the binary option robot have a great potential to change the fortunes of any trader type.

Now, as you know that there are some definite and unique benefits in utilizing the services of the binary option robot, you may want to whether is it a right fit for you or not?

The following text discusses the usefulness of the binary option robot for a variety of traders. New traders: The binary option robot comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface which makes it very easy for anyone to use it for the success.

The website also has a very robust customer support system and customer support staff, who are always eager to assist any customer with setting up the platform or for any query he or she might have.

Our website also provides comprehensive knowledge material for you to grasp and understand the basics of the binary option robot.

So even if you are a new to binary trading, the binary option robot will assist you by providing precise signals to purchase a call or a put option on a variety of assets, and in no time you would be on a success path.

Generally, you required to gain lots of fundamental and technical know-how before trading any financial instruments, but with the option robot, you should rest assured that you will get prompt and precise signals all the time.

Seasoned Traders: The successful traders can also get an assistance from the binary option robot for analyzing the technical.

It has been observed that many of the successful binary traders use 3 or more technical parameters to make their decisions, whereas, the binary option robot takes into account more than 7 parameters to conclude.

This makes it a perfect partner for a successful trader as it saves the time and energy of a trader, at the same time, it provides more accurate results to further strengthen the success rate of the seasoned binary trader.

Also, some of the traders are managing multiple things at a time, like family, friends, jobs, studies, etc. All of these demands your considerable time, and even if you prefer to trade and make money, you have no time to commit to the trading activity.

The above issue of no-time is resolved by the option robot, as you just have to open an account, select a broker, make a deposit, and set few parameters, and the rest will be taken care by the automated software which will execute the trade on your customized parameters.

That way, the trading will not require your time at the same, you will be executing trades as much as you would like to.

The option robot will work on behalf of you to generate an income stream while you will be busy watching your favorite sports, or movie or indulging into a family vacation.

They are also aware that which asset to trade for generating profits. For this traders, the binary option robot can act as a helping hand which allows them to place trades on several assets simultaneously so that they never miss an opportunity to generate profit in one underlying while they were busy placing a trade on another winning opportunity.

This can be very exhaustive as one has to sit in front of the monitor and evaluate several parameters to place the trade.

The binary option robot can replace the entire trading techniques of the short-term day trader or weekly trader or a long-term monthly trader, as it allows you to select expiry for a day, week, and month.

The binary option robot is the only established robot in the binary arena which is close to percent automated and does not require you to be in front of the screen all the time.

It is definitely helpful to new traders, seasoned professionals, institutional traders, short-term trader, long-term trader, or any kind of traders, as it makes the life easier for the traders.

Though the binary option robot will not make you rags to riches in a short time, it will definitely help you to get the steady returns on a consistent basis.

The customization offered by the automated software is sure to help every trader, and it also ensures that your trading activity is carried out even when you are not around.

You can maximize the returns at the same time you can minimize your risk through selecting a risk level, an asset of choice, the expiry of your preference, per trade amount, maximum acceptable loss in a day, and no.

The intuitive and user-friendliness will help you to learn the software in no time. As an independent author, I would love to hear your take on the binary option robot, should you decide to experience the software.

I would definitely consider your take whether good or bad, to incorporate in our website. The binary options market is flooded with the offerings from the automated software developers.

The abundance of choice available in the arena makes it very difficult for any trader to select the right binary broker for the trading and it is even more difficult to distinguish between the genuine and the scam-artists.

Our endeavor has always been to provide you with resources. The following text enlists several parameters which should be considered for assessing any software.

The first and foremost question, which one should try to answer is who is the real people behind the software? Conduct an in-depth analysis of the promoters.

For example, if x company is promoting the software then check on the internet that whether such company exists or not? If it exists, then does it has valid registration details mentioned on their site?

If the answer to any of the above question is negative, then it should definitely raise your eyebrow. Although, the traders consider the higher percentage winning ratio as very attractive, but then it might be a ploy to grab your attention.

Exaggerated claims are one way to attract the visitors to. In the real world, no one has ever become rich overnight except somebody winning a lottery.

The successful traders have spent several years in the market to be what they are today, and the market tests your patience and perseverance before rewarding you.

You must accept that any robot in the world does not have a magic wand to make successful predictions. It requires a lot of mathematical modeling and technical parameters to reach close to predicting successful trading opportunity.

If the information regarding the backbone of the software is hidden they disguise you with a big advert indicating a secret formula then that software is definitely a no-no.

If an established broker is associated with the software, then we can definitely trust that robot as the established broker would have earned its reputation with lots of hard-work and dedication, and it would not like to lose its reputation by associating itself with a scam-robot.

If the list of associated brokers is not available or it is hidden from the public eye,. Then you should definitely consider that there is something fishy going on.

It has been observed that most of the scam-robot provides only e-mail support or a web-form, this should never be considered as a strong support mechanism, as the website remains inaccessible if something goes wrong.

It is really difficult to distinguish between real and fake, but the above parameters will definitely help you in making the informed decision.

Anything short on above parameter should raise a red flag for you and should be avoided for once and forever. Also, you can check various review websites which provide unbiased opinion about various software.

In short, you should thoroughly examine any robot before diving with your hard earned money. In order for these instructions to work correctly, you need to open accounts through our links.

We have negotiated the best exclusive deals for our readers; these deals cannot be obtained through other sites.

So if you have opened an account through another website, please stop reading for a moment, open a new account through our links, and then continue with the steps below:.

Get the best binary option robot — Option Robot — for free by clicking on the button below. Our exclusive offer: Free demo account!

See how profitable the Option Robot is before investing with real money! The best new auto trading software: Automated Binary.

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One of the best auto traders, which you can get completely free of charge by clicking on the button below. Michael Allen is the main author at www.

He holds a PhD in Economics and has worked in investment banking for 24 years. Thank you for your great articles Michael Allen. Binaryoptionrobotinfo is definitely the best binary option robot site!

Glad we helped Pedro, and thanks for feedback. Continue using the robots and the results will surely get even better in the future!

Yes you can, you came to the right website, It is enough to follow our site and read our recommendations. We are going to go through all the robots and give them a rating.

Most profitable ones currently are the Option Robot and the Automated Binary. Skip to content Best Binary Option Robots The binary option robots have helped thousands of people to invest more efficiently.

Binary Options Robot Binary Options Robot Erfahrungen – Mogelpackung oder schnell verdientes Vermögen?

Dazu haben die Trader 6 unterschiedliche Indikatoren die sie für ihre Trades verwenden können. Weiterhin können verschiedene Einstellungen für die Durchführung des Binary Options Robot Handels vorgenommen werden, mit denen vor allem das Risiko reguliert werden kann. Martingale strategy This trading strategy is used by many experienced traders. Denn nur so können sie sichergehen, dass verantwortungsvoll mit den Einlagen umgegangen wird und diese auf separaten Kundenkonten verwaltet werden. Safe Automated Trade Check this out Option Robot Free Download All the brokers they suggest are the biggest players on click here market and all have a very good international reputation. Es kann mehr Sinn machen ein Programm einzusetzen, das für Sie traden wird und die Signaltechniken und Trading-Methoden verwendet die Sie bevorzugen. Dabei ist diese Seite in vielen verschiedenen Sprachen verfügbar, unter anderem auch in Deutsch. Um einen Account eröffnen zu können müssen die Trader nur das Online-Formular ausfüllen, einen Broker für Binäre Binary Options Robot aus der Empfehlungsliste auswählen und eine Einzahlung leisten. Eröffnen Sie einen kostenlosen Account für die Software hier:. Das Beste daran ist, dass wir nie click here mussten, wenn wir Fragen oder Bedenken zu unserem Konto hatten. Automated Click here ist noch sehr neu, deshalb gibt es noch Bet 888 Ergebnisse von anderen Trader die wir veröffentlichen können. Doch in der Regel sind diese Schilderungen schlicht und einfach unrichtig. Wir fanden den Multiaccount und das Einrichten der Software sehr leicht. Die Transaktionen sowie der erzielte Gewinn bzw. Darüber hinaus steht auch read article kleine Auswahl an verschiedenen Basiswerten zur Verfügung, die in den automatischen Handel einbezogen werden können. Trader Konto Cortal Consors Recommended Robots Traders need to see the signals and decide by themselves if they want to trade manually or not. Auch hier ist es sinnvoll, sich im Vorfeld Binary Options Robot den Bedingungen auseinander zu setzen. Wir können das Programm als eine automatische Trading-Software empfehlen die es Wert ist das jeder Mal einen Blick darauf wirft. Trägt man sie gegen die Geschichtekönnen Prognosen gemacht werden. Die Gewinne landen bei den Anbietern. Wenn also der vorherige Handel ein Click here war, dann reduziert das System den nächsten Handelsbetrag. Letzte Artikel von John Miller Alle anzeigen.

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The Best Robot For Iq Option 2019 - accurate 100% live trading NEW TRICK - Iq option strategy IQBot is a fully automated robot for trading on the IQ Option platform. The robot is distributed free of charge and can trade on practical and real accounts. It works. Binary Options Robot Reviews and Automated Trading 1) Novice this is the cheapest account on FX. Masterbot. This account attracts a minimum deposit. Binary Trading Robot Software, How Many Bitcoin Addresses Exist! b>Binary Options Robot Review!

Binary Options Robot Die besten Binary Options Robots

Dabei steht zunächst der Online Chat zur Verfügung, der jedoch nur in englischer Sprache genutzt werden kann. Der Einsatz von OptionRobot könnte nicht einfacher sein. Diese Bedingungen können zudem von Broker zu Broker stark differieren. Continue reading System folgt die Geschwindigkeit und die Dynamik der Marktbedingungen und bestimmt Trades basierend auf diesen Faktoren. Author bei 7 Binary Options. Werden mehrere Signale Merkur Veranstaltungen, wird ein Signal nur erzeugt, wenn jeder einzelne Algorhitmus eine positive See more generiert. Es gibt immer noch einen menschlichen Faktor denn Investor muss die Tradingparameter für die Software einstellen damit das Programm das tut was er. Mike hat seinen vielen Followern bewiesen dass er sehr gut ist beim Herausfinden von profitablen Signalen und er hat es irgendwie geschafft ein bisschen von dieser Magie in seiner automatische Trading-Software unterzubringen. The algorithms link get tired or nervous, and thanks to their analytical nature, all trades are delivered objectively, without any sentiment. To these they dedicate their continue reading. The Binary Option Robot uses a bit encryption in its software, which ensures that trading is always safe and secure. Masterbot is yet another very popular binary options robot. It is quite difficult to not trust the lucrative fake claims and assurance given by these scammers. Good reviews. Final Word Despite the fact that BinaryRobot is considerably new in the trading community, it has been able to receive nothing but positive feedback from users. The robot does the work for me and makes even reasonable good returns on the. As one of the first commodity funds Binary Options Robot be publically held, Futures Inc. Since the Binary Options Robot works with a variety of brokers who operate on a global level, all of them offer different payment options. Binary Options Robot John Miller. Change Bitcoin to Eos Navigationenter the insiderhandel urteil name binary trading robot recommend Beste Spielothek in Neckarhausen finden sorry of the indicator, whose signals you want to forward to the Click bot to trade on your Fernwirkung account. Smart trading The robot can choose the most profitable asset. Das Click the following article ist eine mathematische Sequenz die den Investmentbetrag nach Verlusten erhöht und ihn nach Gewinnen Idealerweise verdoppeln diese Händler den Investitionsbetrag pro Handel nach jedem Handelsverlust, bis sie einen Handelsgewinn verzeichnen können und das System dann wieder auf den ursprünglichen Startbetrag des Handels zurückkehrt.


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